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Discover our most advanced slidebloc® ultra technology, 5 mm rosettes, lever handles without grub screws and with outstanding durability. Experience a new era of door hardware with impressive reliability and the highest quality.

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Discover our most advanced slidebloc® ultra technology, 5 mm roses, lever handles without grub screws and with outstanding durability.

Innovative plain bearing component

The slidebloc® ultra technology uses an innovative plain bearing technology that ensures optimum stability and freedom of movement for the door handles. This component ensures smooth, low-friction rotation and increases the service life of your door fittings.

Precise fit and fastening

slidebloc® ultra enables a precise fit and fastening that ensures easy installation and removal. The components are designed so that they can be easily replaced if necessary without damaging the door handle or adjacent components.

Maintenance-free and long service life

Thanks to slidebloc® ultra plain bearing technology, our door fittings are maintenance-free and guarantee a long service life. The high-quality materials and precise workmanship ensure that the products maintain their high quality standard even with intensive use.

What our customers say

Completely surprised by the technology, we think it’s really great, as is the drilling template…

Very interesting, convincing technology, very simple and quick assembly. Will be sampled immediately in the exhibition.

I think it’s really good, ordered immediately from stock. Will replace the competition.

Finally an alternative. The overall concept of handles, hinges and locks in the surfaces is inspiring.

I think it’s great, please send samples for the exhibition immediately.

Sceptical at first because of the invisible function. Enthusiastic about WC, immediately installed in the showroom.

I think it’s technically the best solution on the market

We are totally enthusiastic about the technology, surface and concept.

Very interesting Visually, the product makes a very good impression, including the WC solution.

Konzept, Equality of price, technology and appearance is very popular.

… Just great …

I am thrilled. Clear differentiation from the competition. The look and technology are superb.

Very well received. The range is being converted to slidebloc® ultra!

Super! Order placed. 2 moulds immediately in stock

The look of slidebloc® is ultra ingenious, simple and modern with a good substructure.

Very nice, the thin rosettes and the WC designs are very modern and stylish!


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