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Areas of application

For interior doors

For every interior door!

smartbloc® hidden Hero, an elegant door handle with an extremely slimline look. It only reveals its function and locking force when it is locked. The locking function is elegantly reduced to the essentials. A real hidden hero! Without an annoying sliding knob and without a key rosette!

For bathroom and toilet doors

For every bathroom and toilet door!

smartbloc® WC immediately demonstrates its intuitive locking function. It locks simply, securely and powerfully, providing the desired level of privacy in the WC or bathroom. No annoying sliding knob and no key rosette!

For entrance doors

For every entrance door!

smartbloc® entry, probably the most elegant and smartest solution for entrance doors, offers a simple and powerful daytime locking system in the door handle! Never lock out again, because smartbloc® entry has a fixed and rotating knob on the outside in one! No annoying sliding knob!

The knob/knob solution

The USA-style knob/knob solution for every door!

smartbloc® USA provides a knob/knob solution for the entire living area: for WC/bathroom, for interior doors and entrance doors! Elegant knobs with an extremely slim look and a secure, simple and powerful locking function. No annoying sliding knob and no key escutcheon!

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For interior doors

For bathroom and toilet doors

For entrance doors

The knob/knob solution
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Precision-manufactured components

With smartbloc® technology, great importance is attached to precision and quality. The components are carefully manufactured to ensure an optimal fit and flawless function. The careful workmanship contributes to the longevity and reliability of the system and ensures a first-class user experience.

Easy installation and maintenance

smartbloc® was developed to make installation as simple as possible. The pre-assembled modules enable quick and uncomplicated installation, which saves time and money.

Latch locks: security without a lock

With the innovative latch lock feature, smartbloc® offers a secure solution for locking doors without having to resort to a traditional lock. This unique system allows the door to be locked simply and quickly by pressing the handle, providing additional security. This user-friendly feature is particularly handy for rooms where privacy or security is regularly required at short notice.

What our customers say

Completely surprised by the technology, we think it’s really great, as is the drilling template…

Very interesting, convincing technology, very simple and quick assembly. Will be sampled immediately in the exhibition.

I think it’s really good, ordered immediately from stock. Will replace the competition.

Finally an alternative. The overall concept of handles, hinges and locks in the surfaces is inspiring.

I think it’s great, please send samples for the exhibition immediately.

Sceptical at first because of the invisible function. Enthusiastic about WC, immediately installed in the showroom.

I think it’s technically the best solution on the market

We are totally enthusiastic about the technology, surface and concept.

Very interesting Visually, the product makes a very good impression, including the WC solution.

Konzept, Equality of price, technology and appearance is very popular.

… Just great …

I am thrilled. Clear differentiation from the competition. The look and technology are superb.

Very well received. The range is being converted to slidebloc® ultra!

Super! Order placed. 2 moulds immediately in stock

The look of slidebloc® is ultra ingenious, simple and modern with a good substructure.

Very nice, the thin rosettes and the WC designs are very modern and stylish!


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