The Qolibri philosophy — a passion for technology and function!

At Qolibri, everything revolves around quality and sustainable function. As a subsidiary of scoop, we stand for the same high quality standards, whether you opt for slidebloc® plain bearing technology, a pullbloc® ball bearing system or a product from our extended range.

Revolutionary developments

With our innovative movement mechanisms such as pullbloc® and slidebloc®, installation is quick and easy. The quick pin connection instead of grub screws for the lever handle connection is not just a visual benefit.
By dispensing with worm and flat springs, unwanted scratching noises are avoided, while the high-quality compression springs ensure long-lasting function.

Simplification and reduction

Our approach aims to simplify and reduce movement and production processes. By minimising assembly and movement elements in our technologies, we significantly reduce production processes and therefore also costs.

Qolibri-products: Made in Germany

All functionally relevant components are developed and produced at our production site in Fridolfing, Bavaria. By working closely with local suppliers and using first-class materials, we ensure that our products meet the demanding requirements of our customers. With “Made in Germany”, we guarantee you the quality and reliability you can expect from Qolibri products.


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