Sophisticated, developed over years and now perfected, the installation time of pullbloc® ultra on the pre-drilled door is less than 40 seconds.

1) Material

The stainless steel alloy “304” is particularly corrosion-resistant and durable. The surface can withstand the toughest conditions.

2) Quick pin connection

Without grub screws! The handles are mounted by simply pushing them together!

3) Support cam

Conical support cams make installation easier and prevent twisting and slipping on the door.

4) Movement element, the anchor

The connection between the armature, lever handle and square is backlash-free. The movement takes place together, which prevents any friction at the lever handle attachment and ensures a permanently backlash-free, radial and axial guidance of the rotary movement.

5) Ball bearing

The hardened steel ball bearings were designed and developed for these specific loads. They ensure low-friction, silent rotation.

6) Springs

Two reliable, pre-tensioned compression springs made in Germany from high-quality spring steel! Smooth and even, they permanently return the lever handle to its original position every time it is operated.

7) Mounting element, the base

The polyamide base provides the necessary stability. It also guides the compression springs and ensures a perfect clip connection with the cover rosettes.

8) Optic

The rose thickness of just 5 mm, including proven Pullbloc® technology, the high-quality brushed and angular surface and the invisible lever handle fastening combine to create an unprecedented look.